Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Your package is on its way!"

Hi =]!

It's early here for me 8:04AM and I'm in class =P. But of course, I was tracking the package from Eki for her most recent batch of items and it is coming today =)!!! That is, of course, if USPS decides to fail me today and somehow don't deliver it.... **cross fingers** But yup! I thought I'd just share with all of you of my excitement to receive my package today =D! I will try to make a post later today of the items that I ordered =].

That is all for now~ Thank you for reading =]


  1. It takes 2 weeks for Eki package to arrive to me ="(
    It was so terrible as I'm so worried that it might be lost!
    I'm excited for you too, I totally know how it feels =p
    Will be waiting for your new post =)

  2. Oh noo =(.. Awww, that would have been so hard for me to wait that long for Eki's packages >_<. Thankfully, I have not lost a package from Eki yet =) Hee x2 I don't know what I would do if I did! =( Probably go start a riot at the post office ;)