Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An older and delayed package update

Hi Everyone!! So this is a package that I received about 2 weeks ago and never posted because I am such a lazy blogger =(... BUT, I realized that I forgot to take pictures of the actual items that I purchased, so I'll try to rename them here =). This was the batch with the new "Alice necklace" and "Alice earrings". I bought both because they look really good ^__^. Hee x2. I also bought the "Royal Love" necklace (which is really popular and sells out really fast =P). Eki also included a pair of earrings that go really well with the "Royal Love" necklace =P. She does have a matching pair of earrings on her site, but the one that she made for me is slightly different (minus the key). But yup! I hope you all enjoy the packaging of this order =). It is my first time receiving white jewelry boxes, it may be EkiLove's first use of the white ones =D. Hee x2~
A really sweet letter~ Thank you Eki~!! Luv ya too!!!
A Chou chou that Eki made <3! details =")!">

The new white jewelry box I was telling you about~ It's a glossy finish =]
Remember my previous posts about details?? Look at the cute crown Eki put onto the chou chou!
The matching earrings that goes really well with the Royal love necklace =)
My complete package (minus the outside wrapping)
That is pretty much it that I have for this post since I didn't have pictures of the actual jewelry =|.. But next post, I will be talking about the package that came in today!!! I'm really excited to show you the Alice in wonderland pouch that Eki recently made with inner compartments! =D And also a new look at the "Royal Love" necklace... the Seaside necklace... and a bracelet that I will keep secret until I post again ;). Alrighty, it's a long day ahead for me tomorrow, so I will post you later~ =)

And now.. I shall leave you with a better quality picture of me wearing EkiLove's "Princess Couture" Necklace:
Thank you for reading ^_^


  1. Heyyy Sandra ^^,

    I was reading Eki's blog, and heard about your brother.Congrats!^^ I'll hopefully be an aunt too,heee my sister in law is expecting one in September.

    Thanks for uploading your blog...Ive been so busy with school,so I haven't had a chance to read.:D Keep it up :3

    I received my first EkiLove package and the packaging is so incredibly AWESOME.=)

  2. Hi~

    Thank you for the congrats!! =) How exciting that you're going to be an aunt soon too!! Hee x2! Do you know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet? My brother and his wife had a boy and he was so tiny and cute when I saw him as a newborn =P.

    Thank you for reading my blog!! It's alright that you are busy to read because I'm a terrible blogger and have a really hard time keeping up with it =P. Hee x2. I pretty much only talk about Eki's creations. But I'll try to keep it up ^__^

    Yay!! Congratulations on your first package from Eki!! It was wonderful wasn't it?? Hee x2, what did you order? Any items that I also receive in this past order? Hee x2 =]