Monday, August 9, 2010

3 EkiLove orders =D

Hi everyone!!

It has been a really long time since my last post and I apologize for those of you who have been following me and wanting to see my EkiLove purchases >__<. I am truly terrible at blogging and I just had to relearn that I need to upload my photos on photobucket to resize them because my pictures are just huge! Yep, I am definitely not technology savvy, nor am I a proficient user of a camera. This is why my photos are anything but super, and I hope that despite my lacking skills in photography, that you can still see what amazing items Eki has in her store EkiLove.

By the way, how is everyone liking her new format of the store in EkiLove? It's cute right? Hee x2, I love it! It's girly and cute and I love it ^__^. I love her previous formats before, but this is just as good =]! If you haven't had a chance to take a look, please go and see how the new format is =). I'm sure that Eki puts a lot of time into her work and also into blogging and the store, so please take a look at it and see what an amazing job she has done. To me, as a person who is utterly hopeless when it comes to html and web design, almost anything as simple as a banner across the top of your blog would amaze me, but Eki's design is more than that and it includes flash animations xD~ Ammazzzing! Hee x2, I really do get amazed by just about anything =P.

So in this post, I have 3 packages to share with you (because I am so lazy at blogging and keeping up with it). The first package is a few months back in May that I absolutely cannot, and will not forget to share with everyone =). By the way, I have been going to school Mondays-Fridays and only off on the weekends, but the packages that I receive usually come on the days when I go to school and dressing up/putting on make up is the last thing that's on my mind, so there are not a lot of photos that have me in them, and when they do, I am wearing my home clothes, so please don't let that get in the way of the items itself! Oh oh, and also, I dyed my hair dark now =(... I miss my light hair, but for the sake of my student teaching, I have to "tone-it-down".. =\ eh... Byebye my light hair, time to get used to the darkness >__> hee x2! MMkay, here goes the first packge:

As always, cute cute packaging with lots and lots of love <3~

Thanks to Eki I got to try Cellinique and Eki has done some reviews here

Unfortunately, I didn't picture myself wearing the "Kawaii Bow Earring", but they are beautiful!! Very elegant and kawaii =) For those of you who also purchased this, you know what I mean when you wear it and its just gorgeous! This was priced at $23, and it was definitely money well spent!

Here is the "Lovely Bow Necklace" with what I believe is called a 'Baroque' swarovski crystal =). There was a remake of this necklace not too long ago with a heart crystal instead~ I am really happy with this purchase as well because I just love how special and different this bow is (slightly slanted). This was priced at $25 and I've received compliments on it the first day I wore it out! Hee hee hee~ =D
And now, onto the second package that I received about 1.5-2 weeks ago =). This package featured one of Eki's newest headbands collection =]. I call it collection because so far, I've purchased all of them ever since her new batch has come out ^__^. Here, you will see the nasty photos of me wearing the headband and freshwater pearl earrings because I just had to try them on when I got them! Lol, so please excuse my frizzy hair and pj clothing =__=.

I just love the packaging! Do you notice anything different? It's really subtle, but the cellophane bag is a little different. Can you see? Hee x2~ The dots are not pink in this package, but white! I love it! It gives it a slightly wintery feeling and still just as kawaii! Expected from Eki, who really takes the time to make sure her packages are amazing!

Wow!! Look at this 'Thank you' seal/sticker! Absolutely cute! xD

Okay, so I know this photo is totally lame but, I was so so happy to receive a bow velcro for my hair because just the night before I received my package, I was going to order one of those regular rectangle shaped ones. But then, I got one from Eki!! By the way, this was before she had a promotion of giving them for free with a minimum purchase of $50, so I felt so special that she thought of me and also seem to have read my mind! Even if she had the promotion already, I totally did NOT order anywhere close to $50 this order =|, but what can I say? Eki is just like that, caring and giving and loving and pretty <3. href="">Eki! It's not just the little things in life, but EVERYTHING that just adds up and makes a person who they are as a whole. You're just wonderful ^_^! OH oh! I was also really happy to have received this color because look how pretty it is!!!! Hee x2, I would've chosen this color over all the other colors, well, maybe I would've chosen red too =P, but yep! So happy I got one and its a beautiful color xD

Funny thing, I still have the velcro in my hair in this picture... but when I opened the "Freshwater Pearl Flower Earrings", I was just so WOWED by how pretty they were! Eki listed that these earrings were not made by her, but because she thought it was really kawaii, she decided to share it with us and give us the opportunity to get in on her findings =D! I wear these a lot when I go to school now because it is cute, but at the same time, I find it to be very sophisticated as well! It depends on what you wear, but I usually try to wear "teacher clothes" now and it totally matches with my outfits! I purchased the white ones during its original price of $15. I'm glad I got them early before the sale because as you probably know, the white one's are all sold out! Whew! Of course you gotta pay a little more for good things ;) I'm just kidding ~ I met up with another blogger named Rina through Eki and Rina had the Lilac one's and they look beautiful too! Hee x2 you can't go wrong with these! I ultimately love the white one's because they can go with anything =D! Definitely love it!!!! So sorry for my Hollister shirt and my lame smile to my desk >___<.. But oh well.. This is the only photo I have so far =P

This is the very first headband that I was able to purchase from EkiLove. It is the "Hime strap headband" for $12. This was a good pink that was not too bright or dark! I must say, it does not go with just any color of clothing despite the design within the fabric. But that's probably because the majority of the headband is pink =P. I was not intending this to be an everything/all occasion headband at all so it really does not bother me at all! The pink is still so subtle that I can wear it with most of the colors of clothing that I have, but just not the style so much since its a bit cuter ;). Overall, this was definitely a great buy because the bow is so cute! It's got a double... um, wing? Hee x2, I dont know what to call it but, there is double bow flaps on both sides~ It creates a really nice depth and adds more to the bow =). I love it ^__^
Now, we're finally onto the package that I received today =D! Man... I started this blog like... almost an hour ago? Oh wait, I started the photobucket before that and... wow! It's been over an hour now and I'm still not done! I can't imagine how much work other bloggers and especially Eki has to put in their blogs >__<. I mean, mine is just as simple as it can be and yet, it takes me forever! *sigh... I really appreciate Eki and others for their time to blog =] Although I only read Eki's blog, I still admire those of you who take the time like Eki to blog about things for people like me to learn from and get to know you better =). Thank you!! Well, at least my blogging today is a bit more enjoyable because I have Eki's blog opened in the background and listening to her tracks =). Hee x2~ Thank you for that too Eki~!

Just to not bore you with my obsession with Eki's love packaging, I decided to skip right into the opened package since I realize I'm a bit weird to always photo and talk about the packaging =). But in case anyone was wondering, the packaging was very similar to the second package that I wrote about in this post ^__^. Look at the extra goodies that Eki always spoils me with!

How cute! I used to love eating these Milky candies =P! Thank you love!

Omg! Eki gave me a Paul & Joe lipstick in #16 Ballet Shoes!! How pretty! I haven't tried it yet, but I will definitely use it tomorrow when I go to school =D! She did a review of this lipstick and another one here in her blog (please scroll down). I really loved it when she did a review on her Paul & Joe products. I have never tried it myself and am really excited to use it ^__^ yay! Thank you again Eki for always sharing your favorites with me!

Nail stickers as part of my order!! How nice and sweet of Eki to include nail stickers for me =D!! I love doing my nails actually! But lately, I've gotten so lazy that I just go for a solid glitter color because when it chips, its not as harsh to the eyes as a solid color nail polish ;). But nail stickers is such a great and quick way to turn normal solid nail colors into something so special! And its easy to use and quick too! Hee x2~ thank you Eki!! =D

I forgot to photo the love notes that Eki included in the first package in the post, but Eki is always taking the time to write me and from that, you can actually feel and see the love and care she has <3. Thank you for being so sweet and nice to me Eki~! Oh oh~ and her love notes are always written in really cute stationary! Which I love!!! =)

Here is the "Hime Bow Headband". At first, I was a little afraid that this bow may be really big on my head, but it is actually just perfect! It is bigger than the previous headband that I wrote about in the second package, but it is nothing overbearing at all! I just love how this bow fans out and how cute these two fabrics come together! I really like this bow shape! =) Hee x2, I wish I could've taken a photo to show you, but I tried and the angles were just terrible >__<... But Yep, at $19, this headband is very cute! It is definitely not something I'd wear to my job interviews, but I would definitely wear this other times. It would go well with a really simple outfit (v-neck tee and shorts). This bow will add a little cuteness to your overall look! Love LOVE LOVE!
Here is Eki's "Floral Headband" and it was definitely a must-have when I first saw her post this! It is really cute in person and definitely something I'd wear with almost anything! Besides my super business-attire clothing =P. But yep~ This color, along with the floral is just beautiful! I'm so glad Eki used this fabric to make a headband =)! For those of you who also ordered this, I'm sure you know what I mean by cute! This one is definitely really chic =). This, along with the "Hime strap headband" is $12. It is sold out as of now, but who know's~ If Eki ever restocks this item, I would say to highly consider this one =D.
I guess that is it for my Eki packages =)! I do have an order that is on its way that I just ordered last night =). This next package will have Eki's "Vintage Flower Headband" and her "Hime Bow Earring". Good job to those who were able to purchase the earrings in time as they are sold out now =P. Hee x2 oh man, I've gone on a headband frenzy with EkiLove~ Hee x2 they are just so cute! Thank you for stopping by and reading my super long post that has been overdue for a very long time~

Monday, April 26, 2010

Eki Package with Seaside Necklace etc.

Hi hi~

I know I said that I would post about my recent order from Eki including her new "Seaside" necklace and Alice pouch and didn't get around it till now, so I really want to apologize in case anybody has been checking =\. So I just want to warn everyone that this is another picture-heavy post. As some of you may know, my posts are mainly composed of pictures after pictures and a few line in between the photos here and there. I really think that the pictures speak for themselves (minus the fact that I do not know how to take pictures >__<). But I try to also give my honest opinion about the jewelry or creation itself so that those of you who were also interested in the same item can have a better idea before you buy it the next time around =P. I received my order from EkiLove last week and below, you will find pictures from the packaging itself (which is always filled with so much love and goodies xD), the super sweet extra goodies, and the items I ordered =P.

Eki used Juicy Couture tissue paper for the inside packaging!! My favorite store xD

That is the first time I saw her use this packaging tape and its really cute and matches with the whole theme of her packaging ^__^ ~ love it!

Eki included a wonderful and heartfelt letter to me =). Thank you so much Eki!! I really cherish everything you have shared and given me =]. Thank you for taking the time to write me a letter and being so nice to me! **hugs**

Luv ya too Eki!!
This is soo cute!! Eki included Hello Kitty hard candies in with my package and some milk candies too!!! AhhhH!! It's so cute!!! =D
This is what was inside the package =). Eki included face masks and crystal collagen eye mask for my beauty regimen =P. There are three boxes with jewelry in them =P. I ordered the "Seaside" necklace, "Royal Love" necklace, and Eki gave me a really special gift ^__^ Which will be revealed down there ;)
This is the limited edition Anna Sui finishing powder that Eki gave me as a gift =D!!! The outside and inside of the casing is detailed with butterfly and floral designs!! It is a really cute and beautiful case!! Thank you Eki!!! I love this so so much! You're always so generous to me and giving me the bestest things! **hug hug**Here is a side view of the new Alice Travel pouch with inside compartments in Pink =P. It is $32 and I think it is such a handy and awesome pouch! I currently use it for the make up that I bring with me when I go out... An extra feminine napkin (for emergencies), lotion, mirrors, tissues.. and just ALL those things that would normally be floating around in my purse =\. I love how Eki made compartments and added lace to the borders of the inside pockets! I'm a huge fan of cute lacing and these linings accentuates the cuteness and hime-look that this travel pouch was going for =)! I'm really happy I made it in time to order this one because Eki only made 2 pouches of each color =P. Btw, the charm that Eki uses for this bag is an amazingly shiny new baroque crystal that she got in the previous batch of items where she used them to make earrings I believe =P. But yup, adds a little bling to my life and the same key charm used in the "Royal Hime" necklace/bracelet ^.^

This is the side where I call it, the "long side" because this compartment is opened all the way from one end of the pouch, to the other end. Below are some examples of what types of things you can fit into these 'pockets'. It gives you an idea of how big they are =)

This is the side with 2 smaller compartments that fits a regular-sized compact just fine ^__^~ How neat huh? Hee x2
This is the "long side" that I was talking about up there. Here, you can see that I can easily fit the face mask that Eki included in the package =). Btw, it looks like the mask doesn't go down all the way, but actually, it does. I'm just pulling it up to show you what I was putting in the pocket =P. Hee x2~
This is the "Royal Love" necklace that uses a different key charm from the traditional one! It's a tad bit longer than the previious one, but I really love this heart key because its simple yet, special because its a heart =] I love this necklace! I previously ordered one for my aunt for her birthday and she loves it =). The crystal is just stunning and Eki, you did a really amazing job with this one ^__^. I am truly grateful that you made them with a 925 sterling silver chain =D. This necklace sells for $23 and comes in a 20" chain. I'm sorry that I'm not wearing this necklace to show you, but the day I received the jewelry, I was not up for taking pictures >__< photographer ="P" shinier ="P)This is the new "Seaside" necklace for $26-$30 and it comes in either silver plated chain, snake chain, or 925 sterling silver chain in different lengths. I chose the 18" Sterling Silver chain for $30 because I feel that its only a few more bucks for quality and it is worth it ^__^. I know that a lot of us have a budget and that most of us feel that the best thing to do is keep every penny we have. But I think of it this way, in the long run, I want to still be able to wear this necklace after a few polish to the silver instead of getting silver plated that will just wear out over time even if you don't wear it =\... But yup! Back to the necklace, I just wore it today and loved how the charms were all showing and how the crystals complement each other =D. Since its on an 18" chain already, it sits even lower because of the length of the charms that dangle =P. So when you want to order this necklace, keep in mind of what you want to wear it with and decide the length with that in mind ^__^

I have small hands, but not THAT small.. and as you can tell, the charms cover from one end to the other end =P. Absolutely stunning though~ I also have anchor earrings that I ordered from Eki in the past that could possibly match =).
This was the surprise that I kept from you until the very end!! Eki was so sweet to specially make me this Royal Hime Couture bracelet when I told her that I really REALLY wanted to order it!! Thank you Eki!! When I received this, I was so wowed at the fact that you must've put so much work and effort into making this piece. I am so grateful to you and all of the hardwork and love you put into making me and other people happy ^__^. But yes, for those of you who were able to purchase this bracelet back when it was available, congratulations on owning one of the most intricate bracelet that I've ever seen! I really love this bracelet and although my camera doesn't do justice to this bracelet, it is actually in Rosaline pearl.
Here is me wearing the bracelet. Keep in mind that I do not have the fairest skin color (I run a bit beige/medium tan), and it still looks amazing with my skin tone! I was always afraid that light link jewelry would not look good on me because of my skin color, but this is just beautiful~ (I know this picture is also cheating because its showing you the underside of my arm and the underside tends to be lighter in color ;P)

Here, you can probably see that my arm is a darker shade, but still, I personally think that the bracelet still looks amazing on me and it is just so so special! If you like girly and cute bracelets, this one is and was definitely the right choice for you!

That is it as far as picture goes! I just cannot thank Eki enough for all of this love and happiness that she brings me =). Someday, I plan on seeing Eki, whether it be me going to Minnesota to see her or Eki coming down to LA for vacation, I hope to be able to meet her in person =). Someone like Eki is definitely worth seeing and being around with because she is genuinely nice and selfless. She can sit there for hours listening and responding to my rants and problems while working on orders and other work she has! Truly an amazing person and friend! I am so glad that I found her through her lovely creations on EkiLove . She really has no reason to be nice to me since I have not known her prior to this, but she chooses to be accepting and loving to anyone she meets. Most importantly, Eki can relate to me and it makes me feel more connected with her in a whole new different level that I never had with any of my friends that I've known for years. Okay, I sound like a total loser, but its true! It's a wonderful feeling to know that someone cares and shows their kindness regardless of who you are and where you're from. Thank you Erika, thank you for being who you are and I am truly blessed to know you <3.

That is it everyone! Good night and thank you for reading my post =)!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An older and delayed package update

Hi Everyone!! So this is a package that I received about 2 weeks ago and never posted because I am such a lazy blogger =(... BUT, I realized that I forgot to take pictures of the actual items that I purchased, so I'll try to rename them here =). This was the batch with the new "Alice necklace" and "Alice earrings". I bought both because they look really good ^__^. Hee x2. I also bought the "Royal Love" necklace (which is really popular and sells out really fast =P). Eki also included a pair of earrings that go really well with the "Royal Love" necklace =P. She does have a matching pair of earrings on her site, but the one that she made for me is slightly different (minus the key). But yup! I hope you all enjoy the packaging of this order =). It is my first time receiving white jewelry boxes, it may be EkiLove's first use of the white ones =D. Hee x2~
A really sweet letter~ Thank you Eki~!! Luv ya too!!!
A Chou chou that Eki made <3! details =")!">

The new white jewelry box I was telling you about~ It's a glossy finish =]
Remember my previous posts about details?? Look at the cute crown Eki put onto the chou chou!
The matching earrings that goes really well with the Royal love necklace =)
My complete package (minus the outside wrapping)
That is pretty much it that I have for this post since I didn't have pictures of the actual jewelry =|.. But next post, I will be talking about the package that came in today!!! I'm really excited to show you the Alice in wonderland pouch that Eki recently made with inner compartments! =D And also a new look at the "Royal Love" necklace... the Seaside necklace... and a bracelet that I will keep secret until I post again ;). Alrighty, it's a long day ahead for me tomorrow, so I will post you later~ =)

And now.. I shall leave you with a better quality picture of me wearing EkiLove's "Princess Couture" Necklace:
Thank you for reading ^_^

"Your package is on its way!"

Hi =]!

It's early here for me 8:04AM and I'm in class =P. But of course, I was tracking the package from Eki for her most recent batch of items and it is coming today =)!!! That is, of course, if USPS decides to fail me today and somehow don't deliver it.... **cross fingers** But yup! I thought I'd just share with all of you of my excitement to receive my package today =D! I will try to make a post later today of the items that I ordered =].

That is all for now~ Thank you for reading =]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Princess Couture Necklace

Hi everyone!!

Here are some webcam pictures of me wearing EkiLove's "Princess Couture Necklace". I know they are not the best quality, but I said I was going to take pictures of me wearing some of the jewelry that I got from Eki and I so happen to be taking pictures with the webcam while wearing this necklace =]. I must say, so far, my favorite bracelet and necklace from EkiLove is this set: "Princess Couture Bracelet" and the "Princess Couture Necklace".

The "Princess Couture Bracelet" is $27 and Eki was super sweet and nice to include the matching necklace in with my package ^__^. I am so happy that she did because I LOVE THEM! I wear this set EVERYday. Although I also ordered the "Alice necklace" from Eki, I still wear this set everyday and haven't gotten around to wearing the other necklace =P. Hee x2! The bracelet comes in white or rosaline pearl. I got the white pearl and I think it looks amazing! Seeing Eki model this bracelet in her photos, I knew I just had to get it ^_^ The best decision ever made =D! Hee x2 =].

In these photos, I did not take a picture of the bracelet because I am really bad at positioning myself in photos >_<... And although these photos are not of good quality, I hope that you guys will still enjoy and see how cute the necklace looks ^_^! By the way, I am not a gold-jewelry wearer, but this pair of accessories is really beautiful and would change your mind about not wearing gold jewelry =). Well, at least it changed my mind =P hee x2!

Here's a (hopefully) better look at the charms and AB crystal =)

Well, that is it for now! Thank you for reading and stopping by ^_^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eki Eki Eki LOVE! ^__^

Hi hi everyone!

I just placed another order with Eki and realized how behind I am on uploading pictures of my previous two packages =(. I know that I have been saying I would upload photos of me wearing the jewelry, but I still have not taken any photos of me wearing them (where the jewelry actually showed). So poo... =( But yup! Here is a package that I received a little short while after I returned from Hong Kong =)! Please enjoy all of the love and thoughtfulness that Eki put into my package (please click on the photo below and it will link you to my album =):

Eki Package!

Thank you for reading again! I know I am really bad at keeping a blog, but please bare with me =P. I will try my best to upload the pictures of my next package ^__^

Monday, February 22, 2010

A package from Eki~!!


As with my previous orders that I make with Eki, I am always tracking my package every 2-4 hrs. to see when it's going to arrive. I tracked earlier this morning while getting ready for work and my package was "Out for delivery" ^_^. Here are photos of the package that I received from Eki =). I will be making another post later about the products that she also included for me as an extra goodie surprise and the jewelry pieces that I ordered =D!! But this is just a little teaser of the extra thought and love that she puts into these packages!

The complete look of what's inside of the package =)

The Hime flower ring you get for free with every $35+ order =)Ahh!! I get to try the special edition KitKats that Eki got from her cousin ^_^

Ohhh! I've never tried Canmake eyeshadow and lipgloss before and I can't wait to try after seeing Eki's blog reviews! Thank you so much Eki!!

This is the Nudy Glow lipgloss Eki is wearing in her 2-22-2010 P&J review post =)

This Alice and Wonderland pencil pouch is MUCH cuter in person! The inside is a satin pink fabric >^.^<

It was indeed made with love!
As you can see, Eki really puts a lot of thought and care into her packages. I have really gotten to know her more as a friend over ichat and reading her blog =). You are truly an amazing person!! I love your sweet letter too!!! It's really nice to receive letters and know that you're thought of by others who care and have so much love for you =]. Thank you Eki!!

I will be making another post about the jewelry pieces ^_^. Hee x2, until then, it will be a surprise =). But for now, I would like to talk about the KitKats that Eki included with her love package for me =P. She also made a review about them in her blog, except for one of them I believe... Although I'm not sure what it's called, but it is the one with a little cute witch flying by in an orange colored wrapping. That one was interesting because to me, it smelled really buttery, almost like popcorn =P hee x2. I also ate the Miso-flavored one right away because I thought that one was the most interesting one to try of them all. When you open the package and smell the KitKat, you can definitely smell Miso, but once I took a bite into it, expecting it to be miso-tasting, I was wrong =P! Hee x2, it tasted sweet and I didn't taste any miso at all =) hee x2. So it was definitely interestingly good ^_^ Then I tried the chestnut flavored one and that one smelled and tasted like a coffee/chocolate blend =P Hee x2, I'm not sure if I'm the only one who felt that it smelled like that, but it was goood ^_^! Last but not least, the matcha flavor... MMmM... It was my favorite one out of all of the one's that I tried =). I really like the creamy milky tea flavor xD! Hee x2 Who would've ever thought that tea and miso would go really well with chocolate and as a candy?? Hee x2, I love it!

Once again, thank you Eki~~! <3