Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eki Eki Eki LOVE! ^__^

Hi hi everyone!

I just placed another order with Eki and realized how behind I am on uploading pictures of my previous two packages =(. I know that I have been saying I would upload photos of me wearing the jewelry, but I still have not taken any photos of me wearing them (where the jewelry actually showed). So poo... =( But yup! Here is a package that I received a little short while after I returned from Hong Kong =)! Please enjoy all of the love and thoughtfulness that Eki put into my package (please click on the photo below and it will link you to my album =):

Eki Package!

Thank you for reading again! I know I am really bad at keeping a blog, but please bare with me =P. I will try my best to upload the pictures of my next package ^__^

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