Sunday, April 18, 2010

Princess Couture Necklace

Hi everyone!!

Here are some webcam pictures of me wearing EkiLove's "Princess Couture Necklace". I know they are not the best quality, but I said I was going to take pictures of me wearing some of the jewelry that I got from Eki and I so happen to be taking pictures with the webcam while wearing this necklace =]. I must say, so far, my favorite bracelet and necklace from EkiLove is this set: "Princess Couture Bracelet" and the "Princess Couture Necklace".

The "Princess Couture Bracelet" is $27 and Eki was super sweet and nice to include the matching necklace in with my package ^__^. I am so happy that she did because I LOVE THEM! I wear this set EVERYday. Although I also ordered the "Alice necklace" from Eki, I still wear this set everyday and haven't gotten around to wearing the other necklace =P. Hee x2! The bracelet comes in white or rosaline pearl. I got the white pearl and I think it looks amazing! Seeing Eki model this bracelet in her photos, I knew I just had to get it ^_^ The best decision ever made =D! Hee x2 =].

In these photos, I did not take a picture of the bracelet because I am really bad at positioning myself in photos >_<... And although these photos are not of good quality, I hope that you guys will still enjoy and see how cute the necklace looks ^_^! By the way, I am not a gold-jewelry wearer, but this pair of accessories is really beautiful and would change your mind about not wearing gold jewelry =). Well, at least it changed my mind =P hee x2!

Here's a (hopefully) better look at the charms and AB crystal =)

Well, that is it for now! Thank you for reading and stopping by ^_^


  1. Hi LOVE~

    OH~ you look super Kawaii!! love your hime like top and the necklaces matches everything so well! that one is one of my fave too~ ^__^

    I heart your hair<3<3<3

    Thank you for taking your time to post!!

    Love you

  2. Hi Sandra,

    The necklace looks gorgeous on you, and you know what? I'm not a gold jewelry wearer too, but it was EkiLove items that made my 1st approach! =D
    Please do post up some pics of you wearing Princess Couture Bracelet when you've time, I would love to get another bracelet again =p

    Cheers babe!

  3. Hi Kelly~

    Thank you for reading my post ^_^! I'm so glad to hear that through Eki's creations, you gave gold jewelry a try =)!

    I'll definitely try to post a picture of me wearing the 'Princess Couture Bracelet' when I get a chance to =]!

  4. To Eki: Thank you so much!!! Actually, that is a Liz Lisa top =) I loved it too when I saw it and just had to get it =P Hee x2

    I absolutely love the "Princess Couture" set =] I can't wait to get the "Royal Love" necklace, "Seaside" necklace, and new Alice make up pouch in the package that is coming ^__^ I will be making a post on those too =D

  5. Wow Sandra! you manage to purchase the latest batch too huh? *so happy for you* Please include to post them up too! hehe =)
    I wish I'm staying in the US so I can order frequently too. =(
    But nevertheless, I'll still try to make orders from EkiLove!
    P.S. your quote in your blog - EkiLove <-- My everyday, almost every 4 minute visit when I'm on the computer
    It is happening to me too, I kept visiting EkiLove website looking at those jewelries again & again LOL

  6. To Kelly: Yup yup! I'm so happy that I got my hands on the new creations that was in the latest batch xD! I finally managed to post the pictures that I took from that package =P.

    I know!! It's so addicting to always check huh? Well, when things are super cute and pretty, I guess I just can't help but become an addict ;) Hee x2, but I'm glad that someone else could also relate to my addiction ;)