Monday, February 22, 2010

A package from Eki~!!


As with my previous orders that I make with Eki, I am always tracking my package every 2-4 hrs. to see when it's going to arrive. I tracked earlier this morning while getting ready for work and my package was "Out for delivery" ^_^. Here are photos of the package that I received from Eki =). I will be making another post later about the products that she also included for me as an extra goodie surprise and the jewelry pieces that I ordered =D!! But this is just a little teaser of the extra thought and love that she puts into these packages!

The complete look of what's inside of the package =)

The Hime flower ring you get for free with every $35+ order =)Ahh!! I get to try the special edition KitKats that Eki got from her cousin ^_^

Ohhh! I've never tried Canmake eyeshadow and lipgloss before and I can't wait to try after seeing Eki's blog reviews! Thank you so much Eki!!

This is the Nudy Glow lipgloss Eki is wearing in her 2-22-2010 P&J review post =)

This Alice and Wonderland pencil pouch is MUCH cuter in person! The inside is a satin pink fabric >^.^<

It was indeed made with love!
As you can see, Eki really puts a lot of thought and care into her packages. I have really gotten to know her more as a friend over ichat and reading her blog =). You are truly an amazing person!! I love your sweet letter too!!! It's really nice to receive letters and know that you're thought of by others who care and have so much love for you =]. Thank you Eki!!

I will be making another post about the jewelry pieces ^_^. Hee x2, until then, it will be a surprise =). But for now, I would like to talk about the KitKats that Eki included with her love package for me =P. She also made a review about them in her blog, except for one of them I believe... Although I'm not sure what it's called, but it is the one with a little cute witch flying by in an orange colored wrapping. That one was interesting because to me, it smelled really buttery, almost like popcorn =P hee x2. I also ate the Miso-flavored one right away because I thought that one was the most interesting one to try of them all. When you open the package and smell the KitKat, you can definitely smell Miso, but once I took a bite into it, expecting it to be miso-tasting, I was wrong =P! Hee x2, it tasted sweet and I didn't taste any miso at all =) hee x2. So it was definitely interestingly good ^_^ Then I tried the chestnut flavored one and that one smelled and tasted like a coffee/chocolate blend =P Hee x2, I'm not sure if I'm the only one who felt that it smelled like that, but it was goood ^_^! Last but not least, the matcha flavor... MMmM... It was my favorite one out of all of the one's that I tried =). I really like the creamy milky tea flavor xD! Hee x2 Who would've ever thought that tea and miso would go really well with chocolate and as a candy?? Hee x2, I love it!

Once again, thank you Eki~~! <3

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A photo for Eki~

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not been posting...but I am not a regular blogger at all =\. I simply created this blog to talk about Eki's packages and her uniquely cute creations xD. I just wanted to make a quick post about Eki from EkiLove is asking all of her lovely ladies to send in a photo of them with their favorite pieces from EkiLove. So I sent in a few pictures of me wearing my favorite pair of earrings by her, "Royal Bow Earring".Here is one of the photos that I sent to her, which is probably the best focused picture of the earring itself and not just me... =_= It has been a week since she asked for the photos, but I'm sure she would be happy to have more! So if you own any of Eki's creations, please show your support by sending her a picture of yourself and your favorite creation by her =]! Well, that is it for now! Thanks for reading my short post =D~