Thursday, January 14, 2010

EkiLove Order #2 Just came in! =)

Hi everyone! I am JUST starting up a blog because I just had to talk about Eki's, from EkiLove, package that I received today! I took some pictures of the entire package and extras that she included. However, I will upload it in the second post because I have to go to work right now and don't have enough time to do so now. So please check back if you're interested in seeing the items that I ordered and the super cute and special gift that Eki included =D!
Here are the pictures that I did not post up earlier of the package that I ordered from Eki <3! The packaging is ever-changing and cute! This is the gift pouch that Eki included with my order!!! I'm not sure but, I've mentioned that I was looking forward to her making more laced pouches and I think maybe from that, Eki decided to send this to me as a goodie gift!! OMG!! Thank you so much Erika!! My reaction when I first saw this pouch was, "OMG!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!! AAAAHH! I'm going to create a blog just to talk about this!"
I only ordered three earrings and look at all the extra thoughtfulness, care, time, and love that came with it ^__^! It is truly amazing how much Eki really cares! I must remind all of you that this is the second time that I ordered from Eki with no previous relationship/friendship before my first order. What I am basically trying to say is that Eki became an amazing friend ever since my email to her about me filling in the wrong address to have my first order be mailed out to. She was soo nice and patient with me! Truly amazing! This is Eki's [Kawaii Bow Earrings] in Heart Rose AB for $18. Sorry, but I am not good with using a camera and so the colors of the crystals turned out to look sort of hot pink, but i assure you, its a light pink that reflects due to the AB backing. These are really cute! Trust me, it looks better in person! When you actually put them on, it does not look cluttered because all of the jewels/charms are leveled at the right length and it looks great with long hair! XD Overall rating: A+ (I would have given these an A if it weren't for those cute little bows at the top!) Here is a non-flash picture so that you can see how pretty the crystals are and not so hot-pinkish ;P These were the [Royal Bow Earring] in Silver Foiled "Diamond Look" for $19. Let me just tell you, these are my favorite pairs that I ordered this time! It is currently sold out in Eki's store and to all the ladies/guys (who may have purchsed for their significant others) out there who own a pair of these earrings: don't you feel gorgeous?! These earrings are SO SO beautiful! And when you put them on, oh my goodness! hee x2! I was skeptical to try the "Diamond Look" color, BUT since Eki says its a "Diamond Look", I trust that it will give "Diamond Look". This was an awesome choice and I LOVE IT! By the way, for this kind of design, and quality of the whole entire package/presentation, for $19, I feel like I'm getting a steal on these earrings!!! Seriously, $19 is a really good price for these earrings! Look at all the details, thoughts, and work put into designing this! This was made by a princess FOR a princess ^__^ Overall rating: A++ just because I REALLY LOVE these ones! Aren't they just beautiful?? =D
These are the [Kawaii Anchor Earrings] in Rose AB Stars for $16. These earrings are just as cute as the other two that I posted! If anyone is wondering, the anchors are not too big either! They are not super small, more like a medium size (it does not weigh down on my ears). I really loved the anchor earrings that Eki previously made with a blue star and a heart crystal, but when I finally got a chance to order, she was sold out of it =(. Luckily, she brought them back (with a minor change). Despite not having the heart crystals on this one, these earrings still turned out to be stunning in real life and I love the cute anchors!!! XD Overall rating: A (only because I would have liked it better with the heart crystal^__^)
Here is the inside look of the pouch that Eki gave me as a gift ^__^!!! Although you probably can't tell but, besides the pink dotted patterns, there are actually stitching designs on the inside of the lining that creates a curly floral design!!! AHHH!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! so so special!!

Eki also included a "My Beauty Diary" face mask in Japanese Cherry Blossom in which I have never tried before (which is perfect because I want to see if this one works well with me!). She also gave me a pair of Collagen Eye Mask from "Catena" which I have tried after reading her blog and I am happy to get more to use =)!! She also threw in these "CubyRop" candies for me to try!!! I am so delighted by all of this and I was so sad that I had to wait until now (after work) to fully enjoy it all!! AAAH! For those of you who have ordered from Eki before, I'm sure you share the same excitement as I do when you receive one of her packages =]! This truly is one of a kind and amazingly princess-like! =)

Thank you for reading everyone and good night!