Sunday, February 7, 2010

A photo for Eki~

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not been posting...but I am not a regular blogger at all =\. I simply created this blog to talk about Eki's packages and her uniquely cute creations xD. I just wanted to make a quick post about Eki from EkiLove is asking all of her lovely ladies to send in a photo of them with their favorite pieces from EkiLove. So I sent in a few pictures of me wearing my favorite pair of earrings by her, "Royal Bow Earring".Here is one of the photos that I sent to her, which is probably the best focused picture of the earring itself and not just me... =_= It has been a week since she asked for the photos, but I'm sure she would be happy to have more! So if you own any of Eki's creations, please show your support by sending her a picture of yourself and your favorite creation by her =]! Well, that is it for now! Thanks for reading my short post =D~


  1. Hi ^^

    You have such a cute blog.Hehe ;D and you look amazing in that picture.

    Yeah Eki's blogs are cool and so are her handmade items :3

    Have a nice day Sandra =D

  2. Thank you! I'm really not a good blogger at all though~ I just chose a default template >_<. Btw, is your icon from the anime: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Wallflower)? I loved that anime =D

  3. Yeah Haha :D..I'm all for peace.=P. You should totally blog more :3